CertainTeed siding failure in Arkansas

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A 4 year old home in northwest Arkansas has experienced serious siding failure that was a combination of faulty product & improper installation.  In this post I will show some images highlighting these problems.  In following posts I will explain in depth why these failures happened.  Future posts will include:

  • Opinions concerning the faulty product & installation
  • A description of proper installation practices for fiber cement siding
  • Questions to ask a home builder or remodeling contractor
  • Photos of this home remodeled.
Pictures of CertainTeed siding failure:
Excessive contraction & expansion of CertainTeed siding

Separating joints and siding failure after only 4 years.

Siding failure at trim abutment

Excessive expansion and contraction leads to caulk failureThe joint separated so much you can see they also did not use appropriate flashing behind this joint. No amount of caulk will reliably fix this problem.

Combination of poor installation, improper fasteners, and faulty product led to this board separating from the wall.

In future posts I will cover all the errors Sideco Inc uncovered while replacing this siding.  I do have many more photos of the home before Sideco remodeled it.  Please email me with any questions or if you would like the other pictures of siding failure.
If you would like to see photos of the finished product before I get it posted in this blog please visit our website and look through our photo albums.



Todd Bower
Vice President
Sideco Inc